'Living with Eczema' by MarcieMom & Professor Hugo Van Bever - Book Review by Bamboo Bubby

Posted by Kelly Northey on 7th Nov 2014

I will never forget the feeling of complete overwhelm that came from having a new baby who also suffered eczema. I had no idea what it was and Dr Google only provided even more confusion about terminology and the million of other promising sounding cures and fixes for it. If 'Living with Eczema' had been around at this point in my life I would have gladly bought a copy and devoured its contents. I have no doubt it would have helped our journey immensely!

'Living with Eczema' is a thoughtfully put together book that combines detailed clinical and medical information provided by Professor Hugo Van Bever (a pediatric allergist with a special interest in atopic eczema). Each section is then followed by a question and answer type interview with Prefessor Hugo by Mei (also known as MarcieMom from her prolific online blog Eczema Blues), who is an eczema mum herself with years of first hand experience in dealing with severe eczema and allergies, while also helping so many others via her blog and online support group.

A wealth of clinical information made understandable to parents

This combination of clinical information, questioned and then made understandable to everyday parents is a great mix and quite unique amongst other eczema literature out there. Remembering what it was like to be an exhausted, overwhelmed eczema mum myself, I would have found this book to be a great resource at the beginning of our eczema journey.

I found the first chapter with its clear explanations of the different types of eczema and terminology particularly useful as I remember feeling so much confusion around all the different names people would give to eczema. The photographs of each type of eczema are also helpful.

A clear outline of what to expect in the process of eczema diagnosis

This section then leads really nicely into the next which describes in more detail the most common ways that eczema is diagnosed by doctors or specialists and it is this section that I would have welcomed the most as a new eczema mum. It would have given me much more of an idea of what to expect at our first allergy clinic appointment and thanks to MarcieMom's question and answer section following it, would have also given me more of an idea of the types of questions to ask at these appointments!

I found the section on eczema triggers also to be useful and definitely true to our eczema experience and those I know of now through helping so many others at Bamboo Bubby. This section would be particularly useful though to those both new to eczema as well as to those who've been on the journey a while, as sometimes triggers change over time. It's great to have a resource to go to when something new starts to develop or change and you find yourself asking 'what on earth can be causing this now?'!

Helpful information and support beyond childhood eczema

While eczema is so commonly afflicting babies and children, sadly there are many who continue to suffer it throughout their life. I liked that this book also dedicates a section to eczema beyond early childhood and provides helpful information about triggers and management of eczema for older children and adult sufferers.

Overall, I believe 'Living with Eczema' is a book based on hard scientific fact, which gives parents a great understanding of the condition and an array of helpful information to help them navigate their way through the maze of triggers, appointments and sheer overwhelm that comes with managing eczema on a day to day basis.
Being based on the current medical research available, readers won't find information about unconventional eczema treatments, but that was not the goal of the authors of this book. 
I think it sets out what they aimed to achieve which is to bring quality, substantiated eczema information based on research to parents in a way that can be digested easily despite the depth of the information it contains.
I think it will I think become a resource eczema parents or sufferers who will find themselves going back to it over and over again throughout their eczema journey. I certainly wish I'd had it at the beginning of ours!

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