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What is Red Skin Syndrome?

23rd Feb 2021

Red skin syndrome, RSS, occurs as a reaction to topical steroid creams, such as hydrocortisone and similar skin creams and lotions. It is often diagnosed when the capillaries of the skin become dil … read more
​Wet Wrapping to Help Eczema in 7 Easy Steps

​Wet Wrapping to Help Eczema in 7 Easy Steps

Posted by Kelly Northey on 27th Jan 2021

Wet wrapping is one of the most popular, tried-and-tested, and well used techniques for helping bring relief and healing to children who deal with eczema. Even though this technique is so effecti … read more

5 Tips to Stop the Daytime Itch

Posted by Kelly Northey on 21st Jun 2017

Anyone who knows eczema at all knows how hard it is to stop the itching at night time, but anyone with a child with eczema will also probably agree that managing the daytime itching and scratching … read more