About Us

Do you have a baby, toddler or child with eczema who is keeping themselves (and the rest of the family) awake day and night with incessant scratching?
Or perhaps you're the one who's never 'just grown out of eczema' or suffering adult onset eczema and are looking for relief?

How Did Bamboo Bubby Begin?

I was one of THOSE eczema parents struggling to work out how to manage my baby's inflamed, dry skin and never-ending scratching.  So, it was in a chronically sleep deprived state that I created the first Bamboo Bubby Sleeping Bag. By this point, my son was around six months old and had just been diagnosed with eczema after months and months of us all running on only snatches of sleep between the scratching frenzies and general unsettledness that eczema and allergies cause.

Being obsessed with needing sleep for us all, I tried every type of sleep product there was to no avail and while there are many different types of sleeping bags on the market, I struggled to find one that would fit him for longer than a couple of months, was made of lightweight fabric that wouldn’t aggravate his skin and most importantly had handcovers to prevent him scratching so I could keep the creams on his skin for longer than a few seconds!

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From Little Things, Big Things Grow

After testing many different types of fabrics and prototypes, the Bamboo Bubby Bag was born and in the years since then, as my son has grown, so to has our range which now includes daywear and nightwear bamboo clothing for older kids and adults too all specifically designed to break the itch-scratch-wake cycle and give the best possible night's sleep!

Bamboo Bubby has proven over time to be the practical and popular choice amongst parents & eczema sufferers worldwide, minimising damage caused by scratching from eczema, dermatitis and even chicken pox as well as helping children with sensory issues, helping to stop thumb sucking, even providing better sleep for those who would wake from cold hands.

How Bamboo Bubby Products Work

The damage incessant scratching causes already sensitive skin, can be minimised by our range of bamboo clothing products, all specially designed to break the itch-scratch cycle.

Bamboo Bubby Bag is our award-winning flagship product and the only natural bamboo-cotton sleeping bag specifically designed for babies with eczema. 
Its unique Adjust-a-Sleeve design protects delicate baby skin against scratching, for a good night's sleep, for everyone.
Bamboo Bubby Bag can not only relieve the severity of infant and toddler eczema flare ups, but its unique design suited to babies from birth to three years, provides ultimate comfort and value.

Bamboo Buddy Pajamas are our popular follow on product to the Bamboo Bubby Bag. They're perfect for you if you've struggled with sleepless nights, creams, elimination deits, moisturisers...and if you (or your child) are still suffering with eczema or dermatitis.
Just like thousands of babies and toddlers enjoying a better night's sleep, kids and adults can now sleep easy with Bamboo Buddy eczema PJs.
Bamboo Buddy takes eczema-friendly bamboo clothing to a deeper dermatological level.

Eczema Mitten Sleeves are the leading brand of eczema mittens in Australia.
They are also the only bamboo blend sleeve specifically designed for children with eczema all the way up to 6 years of age! 
Trusted by more parents to calm skin flare-ups than any other eczema mitten, they're are the flexible solution to helping you manage your child's eczema during daytime and playtime with the unique mitten that can be worn open allowing them to participate in play or when eating, but can be easily flipped over and closed to stop skin damage from scratching whenever necessary, allowing skin to heal.
Eczema Mitten Sleeves are proven to help kids control their eczema by themselves and will give your child a lifetime of good eczema habits. 

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