Stop thumb sucking

Chronic thumb sucking can cause serious damage to your baby's or toddler's skin and increase the risk of infection.


The Bamboo Bubby Bag's adjustable, enclosed sleeve design will not only protect the skin on your baby or toddler's hands from thumb sucking damage and infection, but also discourage long term thumb sucking which can cause dental issues and speech impediments.

thumb sucking

The highly absorbant and natural antibacterial nature of the 70% bamboo/30% organic cotton fabric makes the Bamboo Bubby Bag perfect for lessening irritations around mouths or lips from excessive thumb sucking moisture or wetness.

If you have an older child (aged 3+) and are looking for a thumb sucking solution, we can highly recommend Thumbs Out which provides a gentle, non chemical, way to help children give up the thumb sucking habit from 3 years old and up. Made in Australia with Australian kids in mind.

Stop thumb sucking