​Magnesium Baths For Treating Eczema

​Magnesium Baths For Treating Eczema

Posted by Kelly Northey on 31st Mar 2014

Magnesium is an essential mineral that does some pretty important work with our nerves, brain, enzymes, and various body functions. It is estimated that up to 2/3 of people in developed countries are high in calcium and deficient in magnesium – and this can cause a whole array of negative health issues.

You can find magnesium supplements just about everywhere, but it turns out that many people, especially children, may not get much from taking this essential mineral orally. Instead, soaking in a bath containing the right amount of magnesium can help the mineral pass through the skin so that the body can put it to work right away.

A magnesium soak is extremely relaxing, calming, and nourishing for the skin and the whole body. For kids with eczema, it can do a whole lot. The calming effects of magnesium can help relieve stress and anxiety in kids which helps boost and balance the immune system. Magnesium can help the skin detox gently, protect and cleanse it mildly, and load it with mineral goodness it can use to stay safe in days to come. Many parents find that a weekly or twice weekly magnesium bath helps in some pretty amazing ways.

While magnesium isn’t a guaranteed cure for eczema, it can provide some critical support for various parts of the body so that better healing and protection can happen on a day to day basis. Magnesium is extremely gentle, and it can be added to any bath easily. If your child is accustomed to taking oil baths or oatmeal soaks, you can safely add in magnesium as an extra benefit. Most people suggest using about ½ cup of magnesium flakes to a full tub of water. If your child uses a small tub or a partially filled tub, adjust this amount accordingly or ask their doctor for suggestions.

In addition to magnesium, you can also add a small dose of Epsom salts and sea salts to a bath. Many parents find that Epsom salts help cleanse and purify the skin as do sea salts. Keep in mind that you should not use salts if there are open wounds, sores, or infections on the skin as they can cause pain and aggravation.

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