Use in all seasons

Maintain the Ideal Baby Bedding Temperature All Year Around 


Bamboo Bubby Bags™ are made of extra soft 70% bamboo fabric & 30% organic cotton interlock fabric, which along with many other benefits to sensitive skin, also consists of fibres that expand when warm to let skin breathe, and contract when cool to trap heat close to the body, so it will not only keep your baby's body temperature regulated and prevent additional itching from overheating but also keep them warm in the colder months.

baby bedding temperature

To compare with other sleeping bags, warmth is measured using a TOG rating which is an international standard measurement of blanket or sleeping bag's thermal effectiveness (or warmth). The higher the number, the better it is for ensuring warmth. The TOG rating for the Bamboo Bubby Bag™ would be 1-1.5 TOG, which is slightly higher than sleeping bags made of cotton sheeting (usually 0.5-1 TOG) due to the thermo-regulating nature of the bamboo fabric.

This makes it suitable for use all year round to help keep your baby bedding temperature at an ideal level for baby eczema allowing your baby to sleep safely and comfortably.