Stop the Itch! The Practical Guide to Helping Your Kids Survive Eczema eBook


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We know first hand how frustrating and heartbreaking it is to try and help find the solution for your child's eczema and so, we've put together this eBook containing 40+ pages of the most useful information we've learnt throughout not only our own child's eczema journey, but also since helping tens of thousands of eczema families since Bamboo Bubby began in 2012!

While ultimately you should always seek the advice of a medical professional for treatment of your child's eczema, this eBook contains a lot of helpful background information about eczema plus loads of hints and tips that can be tried inconjunction with your particular treatment plan to help provide some relief to the itch-scratch-wake cycle.

In this easy to digest eBook you'll find the following topics covered and learn some of the most practical ways to stop the itch:

  • Eczema Basics
  • The Food & Eczema Link
  • Helping Your Eczema Child Sleep
  • Managing the Stress of Eczema
  • Some Natural Treatments to Try at Home
  • Inspiring Stories from Other Eczema Parents

Best of all, being an eBook it will be delivered to your inbox straight away so you can read and implement RIGHT NOW when you need it the most - no need to wait!
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