Safe for rolling babies

Use when you can no longer wrap or swaddle your baby safely 


You have probably wrapped or swaddled your eczema baby for as long as possible to stop your baby scratching during sleeptimes and wondered when to stop swaddling them?

when to stop swaddling

Once they have learned to roll it is no longer safe practice to continue wrapping or swaddling them, as they need their hands/arms to roll themselves back over. Add to this, the approximate age of babies learning roll often coincides with the onset of baby eczema, and you are left with few options to relieve your child's discomfort and minimise the damage and lack of baby sleep caused by scratching.



With its one size fits 000-2+ design, the Bamboo Bubby Bag™ is the perfect solution.
Adjustable, enclosed sleeves will prevent scratching while still allowing your baby to have free arm movement to roll themselves over or even put their dummies back in their mouths and cuddle soothers or soft toys.


The Bamboo Bubby Bag is the ideal solution for your baby when it is time to stop swaddling or to help when eczema in toddlers is causing sleeplessness for your whole family.

Its unique design gives your baby freedom to roll, move…do just about anything in their cot but scratch, in complete safety.