Organic Bamboo Bath Towels

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Organic Bamboo Bath Towels from Bamboo Bubby are 100% organic bamboo and while they are the ultimate in comfort and luxury, they are also the best option for people with eczema or other skin conditions to dry themselves without further damaging or aggravating sensitive skin.
Our Bamboo Towels and Face Washers are so silky soft they glide over skin and being made of bamboo are extra absorbent, which means less rubbing is required!

Features and benefits: 

  • Opulently thick and super-soft.
  • Excellent moisture wicking properties (3x more absorbent than cotton) means skin is left feeling drier, faster.
  • Anti-bacterial so they will remain odour-free even after repeated use.
  • Hypo-allergenic and great for sensitive skin.

Available in a range of fashionable colours and sizes: White, Lichen, Oatmeal, Sky Blue, Natural Grey

  • Face towel  [30cm x 30 cm | 733 GSM]
  • Hand towel [46cm x 76cm | 653 GSM]
  • Bath towel  [76cm x 137cm | 653 GSM]
  • Bath sheet  [90cm x 180cm | 617 GSM]