MunchyTime Baby Silicone Feeding Set - Round Silicone Divider Plate | Silicone Bibs, Silicone Suction Plates & Forks & Spoons for Baby Weaning or Toddlers


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MunchyTime products take the guesswork out of transitioning your baby to solid food with the creation of this essential silicone feeding set that comes with everything you need for your baby to start their solids & weaning journey.

MunchyTime Baby Silicone Feeding Set is a must have when the time comes to transition your bub to solids or for those messy toddler years!

Designed especially for this essentially messy time and to encourage all the benefits of baby led weaning, this Four Pack Silicone Feeding Set with Round Divider Suction Plate contains:

71w23etf2us.-ac-sl1500-.jpg1x Silicone Bib

  • MunchyTime Silicone Bibs are specially designed with a double silicone backing to catch foods and spillage mess, saving food, reducing waste and stopping mess before it hits the floor (or clothing). 
  • Not only are these bibs waterproof and easy to clean, they are also bacteria resistant which is important in such a high use product involving food and babies.
  • With the clever addition of a one size fits all adjustable collar that comfortably fits around your baby’s neck (no more annoying ties & strings), this durable silicone bib will grow with your baby throughout their baby led weaning journey.


1x Silicone Suction Plate

  • MunchyTime Silicone Suction Plate is untippable and unflippable keeping your baby's food on the table where they need it and not on the floor.
  • The unique raised edge, easy feeding design of these bowls makes it easy for parents to scoop baby food onto the spoon and has also been designed to support faster learning for self feeding.

5138s-jj9ms.-ac-sl1500-.jpg1x Silicone Spoon & 1x Silicone Fork

  • Like all MunchyTime products, the spoon in this set is made from 100% food grade silicone that's strong, long lasting, non-toxic & non-porous as well as being bacteria resistant, hygienic, & safe for your kids, especially teething babies.

MunchyTime selects high-quality food-grade silicone material for waterproof, non-toxic, & bacteria resistant features to give you & your baby the safest & easiest experience possible during meal times & clean ups. Your kids’ safety is our highest priority. That’s why our materials & products are lab tested to meet consumer protection requirements & high quality standards and are BPA free, PCV free and lead free, which makes these completely safe for your baby to touch and play with as well as put in their mouths. 

Say goodbye to scrubbing stains and extra laundry, because MunchyTime silicone bibs, plates forks and spoons are DISHWASHER SAFE or can be easily cleaned under warm soapy water.
All pieces in our silicone feeding sets are 100% silicone with no detachable pieces or other materials like bamboo that can become mouldy or harbour bacteria. 

No one needs extra dishes to wash, so MunchyTime bowls and plates are also MICROWAVE SAFE, meaning less dishes for you to do after prepping your baby's meals.

Available in 2 super-cute kid-friendly colours to suit both boys and girls

Rest assured with our high-quality products & effective designs, you & your little one can always enjoy mealtimes in a fun & safe learning environment, with less mess & less stress. 

A cute AND practical baby gift set that any parent would appreciate for their baby feeding essential needs. A great gift for baby showers, or for when little ones are ready to start eating solids & learn how to self-feed.