Keep hands warm

Stop your baby waking from cold hands


The Bamboo Bubby Bag's completely enclosed and adjustable sleeve design provides the best of both worlds when your baby is too old for swaddling, but still requires a sense of security and warmth to sleep well and self settle during the night. It's innovative sleeve design and thermoregulating bamboo fabric will stop your baby waking from cold hands and give you both the rest you need.

baby cold hands

Research has shown that babies who are swaddled or wrapped will sleep longer and better than those who aren't due to the warmth and security that swaddling provides. What happens though when your baby begin to roll over and can no longer be safely wrapped and it is time to transition from swaddling to sleeping bag? Night time or early morning wakings often increase as temperatures drop during these times causing hands to get cold which is then exacerbated feelings of insecurity from no longer being swaddled.

keep baby's hands warm