Change Mat | 100% Bamboo Baby Change Mat

$7.50 - $9.50

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Our change mats are made from 100% organic bamboo and have a TPU non-slip bottom for safety. They're the softest option for changing your eczema baby on that you'll find anywhere, plus they're portable, so can be easily folded up and used whenever you are out and about too.

Bamboo is the ideal fabric for a baby change mat, especially for babies with sensitive skin because it's:

  • Anti-bacterial so it will remain odour-free even after repeated use.
  • Naturally hypo-allergenic, so it won't aggravate sensitive skin.
  • Very quick to dry.

Available in light pink or light blue to suit either boys or girls nurseries.

2 Sizes:
Small (30cm x 45cm) - $7.50
Medium (50cm x 70cm) - $9.50