Top 3 Tips for Cleaning Children's Clothes Stained With Greasy Eczema Creams

Top 3 Tips for Cleaning Children's Clothes Stained With Greasy Eczema Creams

Posted by Kelly Northey on 10th May 2015

how to clean children's clothes stained with eczema creamsIt’s common for greasy eczema creams to be smeared on children's clothes. When you don’t remove all the residues when cleaning the clothes, the clothes can easily get contaminated thus affecting your child, hindering rather than helping their eczema.

Signs that your child's clothes have been affected include: full body eczema, eczema that worsens when the child gets into contact with water, and intense itching. 

In order to remove the creams thoroughly you need to follow these laundry tips:

Choose the Right Fabric

The fabric that you choose is of great importance. Best fabrics to go with are cotton, silk, and bamboo. Not only are these fabrics easy to clean, they are all natural and allow the skin to breathe.

In addition to cotton and bamboo fabrics, it’s also wise to go for organic certified products. These products are free from reaction causing chemicals such as formaldehyde, lead or other nasties used in the production process. They are also softer and breathable than regular products thus ideal for the soft skin of your eczema child.

Remove All the Residues

As mentioned above, it’s important that you work at ensuring that you remove all the eczema cream residues on your child's clothing.

soap nuts for eczema

The first step to removing all the residues is using the right cleaning product. Two of the best products that you should consider using are: Eco-balls, dryer balls and soap nuts. These are available in many eco-friendly stores, who've also suggested adding either tea tree oil or eucalyptus essential oils into the wash with soap nuts can really help remove eczema creams too!

These two products do a great job of removing all the cream residues that might be on your clothing. However, while they are very effective in doing this, they don’t whiten the clothes like modern detergents.

Soap flakes are also great products to go with. But, while they clean clothes well, they tend to leave some residues especially if you are using hard water. To remove all the residues you need to add some washing soda crystals to the water.

Clean in the Right Way

In addition to choosing the right cleaning product, it’s also important to clean clothing in the right way. For example, you should add a spin cycle to your machine in order to ensure that you remove all the residue that might have been left on the clothing. When cleaning the outfits always turn the outfits inside out and use hot wash.

Stains have been shown to come out easily when you soak the clothes before cleaning them; therefore, you should always soak your eczema clothes. The best way of going about it is soaking the outfits in a bucket of water mixed with a good amount of baking soda.

To remove all the cream residues that might have been left during the cleaning process, you should leave the clothes in the sunshine for some time. The sun will evaporate the remaining cream thus ensuring that your outfits are thoroughly clean.


Don't underestimate the importance of cleaning your child's eczema clothes in the right way. While the way you clean the outfits has great impact on eczema, there is no specific detergent that you should use. All children have different types of skins; therefore, you should test different types of cleaning techniques and settle on the one that you find works best in your own child's circumstances.