How to Stop Pinching or Scratching While Breastfeeding

Posted by Kelly Northey on 24th Jun 2019

As you probably already know, our products were originally designed to help stop the scratching damage from skin conditions like eczema, however they also serve some other useful purposes too and recently we've had an influx of mums using these on their babies while breastfeeding!
If you've ever had a 'twiddler' or a 'pincher' or even a bub who scratches you while you're trying to breastfeed them, you'll already know how painful this can be and breasts are sensitive things at the best of times!

What can I do to help stop the pinching or scratching during feed times?

Cover their Hands

It sounds so simple, but keeping your bubs hands covered during feed times can really help minimise the pain their scratching or pinches causes you and doing this too can also help break the habit!
Baby mittens can be commonly found for new/smaller babies, however babies do quickly become 'houdinis' at removing these and this is where using a fitted Mitten Sleeve like our  Bamboo Bubby Mitten Sleeves can be particularly helpful.

If you haven't already seen them, they're a sleeve that has a mitten attached which are easy to pop on bubs and can be quickly and easily securely closed when needed to stop scratching or pinching. When closed, the mitten is covered in a super-soft 100% silk fabric that glides over the skin to help stop scratching damage, but also means the pinchers or twiddlers can't get a firm grip on your delicate skin areas too.

While they were designed to stop babies or kids stop scratching themselves, they've also been used by many mums to help stop their bubs scratching or pinching them instead or also with many kids suffering sensory issues (who often co-sleep and scratch themselves and their parents and because these sleeves feel like wearing a hug and provide comfort when worn) and to even help kids who pull their own hair out!
The great thing about these sleeves is that they're available in sizes from newborn right through to 6 years of age, so they'll help keep those hands covered for the older babies or toddlers who are feeding too.
You'll find them at:

Use a Code Word

It's actually never too early to start working some breastfeeding 'manners' into your feeds as even quite young babies can learn not to do these uncomfortable and painful thing if you start to use a code word to discourage it and do this consistently.


Try giving your bub something to play with while feeding and try to use the same item for each feed so they'll begin to associate this item with comfort and feeds instead of the behaviour you're trying to break.
Comforter blankies like our super-soft and silky ones are ideal for this and can be easily stashed in a nappy bag or handbag when out and about so you'll always have it on hand ready for feeds.

Nursing necklaces or even these gorgeous beaded teethers from Nature Bubz are also a popular option amongst breastfeeding mums as they're often quite bright and interesting and will distract your babies attention towards them instead of to the pinching or scratching.