​How Mattress & Pillow Protectors Can Help With Eczema

​How Mattress & Pillow Protectors Can Help With Eczema

Posted by Kelly Northey on 24th Nov 2014

How mattress and pillow protectors help eczema

Sleep is one of the most important parts of our children’s development – but it can also be the time when their bodies experience the most stress. Many parents find that their children’s itching gets worse during sleep, and one of the main causes of this could be the very mattress and pillows they’re sleeping with. Pillows and mattresses are made from a variety of fibrous, soft materials that make the perfect home for dust, allergens, dander, mites, and other triggers that may not trouble most people but can be a real challenge for kids with sensitivities. The good news is that you don’t have to wash them every single day to keep them clean and safe for your kids. There are a variety of mattress and pillow covers and wraps that help create a healthy barrier between the materials and your child’s skin – a great solution!

How They Work

Mattress and pillow protectors are soft covers that go right over bedding. They are made from a material that’s soft but that doesn’t allow anything from inside the mattress to get through. They usually just zip up with a special zipper that’s dander and mite proof. These covers and protectors are so effective in keeping allergens in place that they are often used to help deal with bed bug outbreaks!

When the protectors are in place, your child will not come into contact with any of the allergens or triggers that may be inside their pillows and mattress. Stray fluff, accumulated dust, trapped environmental pollutants, mites, and broken down materials all stay packed inside where they belong.

How They Help

When you child gets to sleep on materials that are clean and soft, their bodies don’t have the same triggers that may be causing nighttime itching. A clean sleeping area lets their skin heal during sleep instead of fight off triggers.

All you have to do when you use mattress and pillow allergy protectors is keep sheets, blankets, and pillow cases clean to see some amazing results!

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