Bamboo Bubby Soothe Pajama - Comfy Bamboo Pajamas Soothe Eczema


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By the time your child is a ‘big kid’ they've become used to creams, medicines and invasive and inconvenient eczema treatments. Our comfy bamboo pajamas soothe eczema, helping minimise flare-ups without constant inconvenience and dangerous steroids.

Cool, comfy Bamboo Bubby Soothe pajamas sets (containing 1x top and 1x pant) can be worn day and night don’t look ‘medical’ so kids want to wear them.
Flip the patented mittens down at night to stop overnight scratching and flip them back up for playtime or essential needs like going to the toilet easily without having to remove the whole pajama like other enclosed mitten designed PJs.

Bamboo Bubby Soothe Pajamas are the perfect follow-on product from our award winning Bamboo Bubby Sleeping Bags for children who are still struggling with sleepless nights thanks to eczema or dermatitis.

Just like the thousands of babies and toddlers enjoying a better night’s sleep from our Bamboo Bubby Bags, older kids can now sleep easy with Bamboo Bubby eczema PJs.

Fold Over Mitten Design

Our unique yet secure fold over mitten design stops overnight scratching so you can enjoy a better night’s sleep and healthier skin.
The fold over mitten design makes our bamboo pajamas more versatile than standard designs and is perfect for older kids.  It still allows access to hands when needed for eating or going to the toilet without having to take the whole top off, but the mitten sleeves can be securely flipped shut when needed for sleeping or during itchy periods to prevent scratching damage to sensitive skin.

Enclosed Footed Pants

The enclosed feet design of Bamboo Bubby Pyjamas will not only protect feet, ankles and legs from scratching, but also prevents any rubbing or scratching that often occurs against bedding or by feet or toes scratching the other foot or leg.

Soothing Bamboo Fabric

Bamboo Bubby pajamas are soft as silk, but because it’s more breathable and more absorbent it’s proven better for soothing eczema flare-ups. 
Our bamboo clothing line works better because it’s carefully created especially to reduce flare-ups. Comprising of 70% Bamboo/25% Organic Cotton/5% Elastane, our hand-selected bamboo fabric is blended for optimum moisture-wicking and long lasting stability —far superior to silk or cotton alternatives. The soft bamboo weave is far less abrasive than pure cotton fabric.

2 in 1 Sizing Saves you Money

The clever 2 in 1 sizing design of Bamboo Bubby pajamas, means they will fit your child as they grow throughout 2 sizes, so you don't need to buy individual sizes.
We know too that often kids grow at different paces and often need different size tops to bottoms, so we sell our bamboo pajamas as separates so you can mix and match sizes depending on your child's measurements. 
Please email if you would like us to create a mix/match set for your child from different top/pant sizes.

It's best to measure your child and choose sizing closest to their measurements from the following size chart:

sizing-chart-top.jpg line-drawing-top-with-size-measurements.jpg
sizing-chart-pants-updated.jpg line-drawing-pants-with-size-measurements.jpg

Kid-Friendly, Unisex Colours & Designs

You and more importantly your kids will LOVE our stylish design too and they are available in 2 kid-friendly colours that suit both boys and girls equally - Midnight Blue and Twilight Teal.
Our kids’ pajamas are even ‘cool’ enough to be worn by day when flare-ups are really bad! 

Bamboo Bubby bamboo clothing for eczema is designed right here in Australia to the highest quality standards. We know our bamboo PJs work to reduce eczema because thousands of desperate Australians have told us! They’ve sent us glowing recommendations and inspiring ‘before and after’ images.

They can work for your child too.

Isn’t a better night’s sleep and healthier skin worth trying?

Looking for day time scratch-relief for newborn-6 year olds? 

Our Eczema Mitten Sleeves are a great option!


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